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Tianjin thinking sharp tutor consultation limited company is approved by the Tianjin Municipal industry and Commerce Bureau and education industry registered company, it is legitimate for the national company that provides high quality, professional education services. Company is mainly engaged in navigating seminars for large families, child development, children's tutor, a sign-up tutoring, high quality education services such as Peking University and Tsinghua University online tutor.   "Help parents education good children, is we introduction thought Howe of career", company is to support Tianjin tutor, and Tianjin tutor network, and Tianjin part-time tutor, and Tianjin one-on-one tutor, and Tianjin scientists taught, and Tianjin English tutor, and Tianjin mathematician taught, and Tianjin language tutor, and Tianjin primary school tutor, and Tianjin junior high school tutor, and Tianjin high school tutor China education reform of sense in implementation really education theory of quality education. Spirit of parenting cause of persistent, Tianjin SI Rui-tutoring advisory company in the country's first investment of more than 1 million develop tutoring industry ERP system, with independent property rights, family management has been far ahead of the industry in the country. SI Rui tutor consulting from a top Chinese University, Tianjin University undergraduate   graduate students,   primary and secondary schools serving teachers and students, has extensive tutoring experience in talent combined, and we consistently pursue "famous tutor, sincere service" service. Tianjin thought sharp tutor Advisory limited aimed at through Internet do for information platform of maximum advantage, save traditional network Xia warm of service way, integration school quality tutor resources, formed powerful of quality tutor brand, for in school students, and graduate, and on-the-job teacher and tens of thousands of of parents, provides more professional of tutor service, let everyone again enjoy to 21st century network times to human reality life by brings of huge convenient. Tianjin SI Rui tutor Consulting Limited is registered through the Internet, offline archive, authenticating and standardizing management, contract guarantee system of Yan Shen, SI Rui, with Tianjin tutor consulting ecommerce management platform to achieve new ways of leading tutoring services, allowing parents (students) tutors with more confidence, and teacher tutoring saves time, effort and hassle free.

Tianjin SI Rui family consulting with innovative, leading, and pragmatic spirit, with a strong e-commerce advantages of ERP management system and Internet platforms, has opened dozens of city channel, national chain brand management in the major cities so that local people have the opportunity to enjoy the thought of Tianjin Rui tutor consulting company offering professional quality tutoring services.

Tianjin thought sharp tutor Advisory limited and traditional concept of tutor intermediary institutions different, she is tutor industry industrialization, and standardized, and professional, and e-Commerce ERP system of management of implementation who and pioneer, used Internet most advanced of Web platform e-Commerce ERP mode, for faculty and students provides more personalized of "tutor community", for tutor both provides two-way selection and Exchange, students (Faculty) can convenient of query himself Italian of faculty (students), can will Italian of faculty (students) Put it in my favorites and can contribute to the teacher (students) send recruitment (candidates) intention, can also receive a teacher (students) candidates (recruitment) intention, can agree or you can see the other side agree that teachers can see self tutoring schedule and view their own point values, and so on, actually moved into a home tutoring service. While, powerful of customer service real-time track system guarantee each a a students are can get education investment of guarantees, and more powerful of background management system makes Tianjin thought sharp tutor Advisory limited became China tutor industry unique of most advanced of Internet ERP management platform, through Management Center and set in national the University of Service Center, and certification at can oriented national all students and faculty provides more quality of online, and line Xia Tutor service.