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Successful law in China

A person can face life with a smile, has three advantages.
The first advantage, a smile can automatically adjust your body.
A smile face and body hold on to. Human body smile. When the full body smile, naturally towards the health of the body. You can taste, chest, stomach, smile. When you have a stomach ache (special is the kind of spasmodic pain), smiling in the stomach, stomach relax and pain relief. Human organs, limbs and smile. Smile to the heart relax, hysteresis effect. Smile is an excellent approach to fitness. When one part of sick time, how parents can guide their children face a smile, smiled, then massaged uncomfortable positions, uncomfortable position can also be cracked a smile. Often the attack: the kids were in the stomach, after such a massage, do not take medicine like
The second advantage is to make you all smile while relaxing on.
Now parents are shouldering a variety of mission: career, family, elderly, children. A heavy responsibility. These responsibilities fall upon a person, creates a pressure. End of even very young children are under continuing pressure, the pressure of entering. Often smiling makes people relieve tension, relax. Smiling not only makes himself relax conditioner, also benefit the others. When the parent who has the experience, the child's smile is infectious and sometimes, in a smile of the child, the parents of a weary day to resolve. Parents are paying huge efforts in the smile of the child to be rewarded. So, should also mention the parents smile a great impact on children. When you study the successful experience of many successful and found many many successful officers, but the physical and mental health, there is no disease, thanks to his smile look towards life. The type of person, children are apt to health, complicated victory.
Smile the third benefit is that to treat someone good at smiling around the world and around the characters, will get more time.
I go out for shopping, saw the salesperson an expression of bad buying hope drops by half. See liver Yang Yang, music cheerfully tell you, purchase it hopes will increase the 50% so, later said "gas money" people talk "service with a smile" of small businesses like this, doing big business life "? When you know how to laugh to life time, no doubt a lot of fate, a lot of time, a lot of understanding, without a lot of twists and turns, resistance and obstacles.