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The most effective memory

Efficient memory can enhance your memory, improve your performance, speed up your learning and improve your productivity. For this dream come true, and now you're reviewing the learning methods and habits of the past, understand its infinite room for improvement after, looking for better, more efficient way to learn, this is the key point.
Before we discuss the memory image, we first look at using memory function. Most people, especially Asian students will recite (Repetition), recited using the method of repetition to learn. The English FA is parrot fashion learning by rote, Parrot is a parrot fashion is, is by repeating parrot fashion. Attention and encourage reflection, the creation of the United States, also parrots learning methods, why is there such a problem?
People around the world are in the learning process using repetitive learning, this is a common phenomenon all over the world. Repeat or recite the ways of learning is one of the reasons is an automatic memory system. When learning something, we will naturally start to imitate, will talk about what things, reciting, repeating method of learning is built up from a very young age naturally. Due to this method is the most easy to learn, is also in the growth process is very easy, so most people rely too heavily on this approach. Many people described as recited by rote or hard back, because the negative description, leading to "recite" become a good tool, but it's only fault is excessive use or abuse. In other words, lots of ways to learn and not suitable to recite, only rely on reciting as not up to the level of learning effects, are not satisfied with learning methods and effectiveness.