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Spoken English learning methods

Method, looking for some partners to practice oral.
English corner is a good place, where we can practice speaking, may exchange English study experience, widen our sight and increase interest in learning English.
If you can't find partners or little opportunity to attend English corner, then it does not matter, there are many ways you can practice speaking. for example, to create an English environment ourselves by. scenery for yourself about what you see, English partners are making thing.
Method two, interpreting bilingual (English-Chinese) novels or books of
This method is very effective and easy to insist on oral English learning. first, we read the Chinese part, then stepping into directly in English, after completing a short, go read a book on the English part and compare it with our interpretation, we can find our interpretation mistakes, shortcomings and progress. Please note: beginning to a simple reading, and should be a lot to do, just do one or two effects are not obvious. start may be slower, more time-consuming, but insisted that on the whole this is an accelerated process. Advanced timing exercise to speed up the reaction speed and fluency.
Methods, listening to translation-changing roles
Three people a group, simulation translation combat. a people will Chinese, a people will English, played foreigners, a people for translation. practice a time Hou swap role. This is a very good of translation training method, is is good of mutual learning, complement each other of method. and can greatly improve reaction speed and capacity. this method of senior stage for simultaneous interpretation, we can in listening to broadcast or see TV or meeting Shi, put by listening to content interpretation English.
Method, composition and 3 minutes training
This method is suitable for intense training ... find a topic for a minute the composition while recording it. listen and identify shortcomings and errors, the composition on the topic for two minutes, the same recording, listen to and identify shortcomings and progress, continues to make a three-minute composition. This is an advanced training, the effect is good.