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Turn nature is weak students in gifted and talented education in accordance with their aptitude

Kinds of children can try to gifted and talented education: good grades; intelligent; naughty, results are not very good but
Schools in accordance with their aptitude, parents should have a normal
Last month, Beijing was admitted to recruiting in the first try. This is a gifted and talented class for gifted and talented education for so many years, was admitted to have been sought after by many parents. This kind of pursuit is eager parents are pushy, who do not want their children to be genius?
What, then, is a gifted and talented education? Education of children enrolled in school and will be affected by what? Gifted and talented education and quality education is what? Author interview with Director of the Research Office of the Beijing eight was admitted to teach mathematics teacher, he had introduced some of the situation.
About 1 in 100 children from 3
Very good gifted children are children a small part. These children are energetic, inquisitive, quick thinking, their intellectual capabilities compared with normal children had obvious advantages. According to international research institutions and our psychology survey statistics, intellectually gifted children is an objective Group 1%~3% per cent of children of the same age. According to the fifth population census of 2000 years in China, 289.76 million children under 14 years of age, on 1% basis, China probably has more than 2 million gifted children.
Beijing was admitted in 1985 opened its doors to gifted and talented children, and so far a total of 380 students of class 12 (before 2003 is a class every other year, starting in 2003 a class every year) have already graduated 9 classes of 290 students, currently enrolled students in class 3 90 students. About 30 candidates.
Was admitted to the main was aged about 10 years old, elementary school children in four grade levels. Mathematics education teachers recommended parents said: "there are three kinds of children can try to gifted and talented education: one is the high IQ, students in general education under the condition of not getting enough to eat; one is naughty, the result is not very good, but very intelligent children; there is a class of kids did very well he was willing to try. "
Admission test in addition to study maths, language based knowledge, thinking skills tests may be done, including psychological, reasoning, imagination, analogy test, these tests will as far as possible away from the child's cultural background. Was admitted to breaking through every section of middle and high school boundaries, ownership by instructors teaching plan, schedule, but in line with the gifted children's psychological characteristics and the ability to learn.
Gifted and talented education in accordance with their aptitude is the essence of
Though ahead of talent education is mysterious in the eyes of others, but it seems to Miss Zhao, gifted education is because the special object of education and specialization, it is just the nature of the aptitude of the Confucius thousands of years ago have made it.
Math teach said: "Although gifted children and normal children have a lot of similarities, but they are more sensitive, self-esteem and learning ability, and more competitive. Education in ordinary schools, their academic performance was significantly higher than the average child, a 40-minute classes, gifted children maybe 20 minutes to master. For the rest of the class time is nothing to disrupt order in the classroom. These gifted children are often considered a problem child in the school. But in General as a problem child of the children, was admitted after a four-year education can get a national key University. Because was admitted to education is education for their development. Gifted education is to help gifted children of different ages to complete each stage should be completed tasks, achieving development consistent with their actual situation. "
Was admitted to the elastic educational system, to be completed within four years of an eight-year courses. Some worry that the kids will be very tired.
"The burden varies, normal pressure, but for gifted and talented children is very easy, just like when we were doing manual labour, as men. In fact, was admitted to four and a half days a week class, class assignment not much less than with older students, play a lot of time. Efficiency of our class is equivalent to regular classes and two classes of efficiency. We will take commensurate with the gifted children's learning. "Mathematics teach the teacher explained," now kids need to emphasis on basic education, both parents and schools should not prematurely give you qualitative. " And the core is the basis of all kinds of smart thinking. Therefore, was admitted to the teaching content should reflect the thinking in training, teaching the traditional blind, do not consciously thinking of training to become a conscious and systematic thinking of training activities, which is an effective means of teaching to develop students ' intelligence. In math class, the teacher always known conditions, and does not list the verification problem, but let students deduce what can prove that, then turn again to prove it.
Foreign education for gifted children emphasized, that gifted children are the country's precious resources, even for the gifted and talented education makes a strong legal protection. United States 60% of special State legislation to give gifted children education policy, Korea 1999 passed the education bill on gifted and talented education. Other countries such as Israel, and Australia, and Indonesia, the education of gifted children have related legislation.
For the education of gifted children in many countries have set up special management institutions. India talent management agency, called "new dawn school organization", attached to the Ministry of human resources, student accommodation in the school, all living and studying expenses are to be borne by the Central Government. India rural areas accounted for the majority of young people, with such authority, gifted children in rural as well as urban children access to quality education.
Singapore Ministry of high Education Department, specializing in the identification of gifted and talented children and education each year to third grade students to the nation through the second round of Puce, to discover intellectually gifted children. Gao Caiban is the selection by the Ministry of education and specialized training of teachers, these immediate account of the teacher education Department.
Was admitted to almost all of the students admitted to a key University
In the study is also trying to mobilize their enthusiasm and learning autonomy. As a Physics exam questions all kids of their own propositions. A few teachers ask students questions, then handed part questions as the questions test students ' chosen by the teacher. Doing so learning initiative, children to practice a lot of exercises to pick out with my problem. While children are very active to complete such training.
Was admitted to let the students in real-world experience of being educated. Almost every class in every year with the consent of parents agree and support the Organization of a large out of general education activities. Through the lives and subsistence activities such as experiments in poor areas, and let the kids enjoy the Sun and water at the same time, access to personal education.
Founded in 1985 Beijing eight was admitted to 20 years for university transfer a total of 290 men, average age of 14 outstanding young college students. Since the end of 1998 according to a systematic tracking of the graduates from:
Was admitted to all graduates went to College, the first four-time 96. 8% enter a key University, 100% after the fifth into a key University. Junior class after graduating from the University of 66.5% go to graduate, graduate student 71% of the person in a foreign country. Class was admitted to 32 as the first 25 people at home and abroad have won a total of 15 doctoral degrees, master's degrees in 25. Junior class record on the smallest of 11 universities, 19, won a master's degree, doctorate in 22 years to win the record.
From the survey results, students have the moral and psychological issues were found, graduates both in college or at work are good psychological quality, social adaptation ability, academic potential and ability to work is important.
However, in many areas there are many gifted children cannot adapt to social situations, gifted children drop out of school events are common. For example, 17 years old admitted to continuous academic program that involves postgraduate and doctoral study in the Institute of high energy physics Wei Yungkang, three years later, due to poor self-care ability and interpersonal skills, does not adapt to the Chinese Academy of Sciences study on the structure model of knowledge be kicked out 14 years old admitted to Shenyang University Wang Sihan, but because more than zero, was "ordered to withdraw". Known as the genius Ning Platinum in November 1977 by the Chinese University of science and technology "unconventional" admission. After graduation, Ning Platinum school to teach, and at age 19 to become the country's youngest lecturer. Ning of miracles performed by PT so far, two monks. In this connection, social and media education into extraordinary embarrassment. Others thought of equality in education should be discontinued and gifted and talented education, and to reduce the burden on the children. People believe that gifted education is equal to pulling. "Gifted education" or do you want to do it? Parents of students turn to normal, genius is not a perfect
From Beijing in eight previous registration data shows that each year, more than 1000-odd parents with children from all over the country to participate in the entrance examination was admitted, believed to have admitted was admitted to be a great honor, child's future was also magnanimous. In this regard, math teach teacher reminded in earnest: "parents if their child is gifted and talented children, but also to have a normal heart, the first child is not a child prodigy, but show higher IQ than others at this stage, how in the future, not primarily rely on intelligence, but non-intellectual factors. Moreover, the cultivation of non-intellectual factors on school, family and students to work together. "
Math tutoring for their children's education in Beijing in the process there are several parents in particular are worthy of note:
First of all, "not overprotective of their children, and the children do not get their opportunity to address the problem. Was admitted to the students when there are conflicts and problems, apart from the necessary conversations with students and guide, and encourage them to resolve contradictions and problems, so that they learn to deal with complex interpersonal skills. "
Secondly, the "future parents of young children not to become too materialistic, too much education for children, not realizing his youthful desire to impose to children, and children know nothing about outside the textbook knowledge. "
"Finally the more noteworthy point is that parents do not ' a good cover the multitude of sins ', because Beijing tutor for smart disadvantages of gifted children are often ignored, and details of his life are not to be noticed. "
Mathematics teaching teachers to use so annotate their gifted and talented education, "education should be for all of our children, all for children and for the children of all. "
While gifted children have extraordinary points, compared with their other normal children might seem banal, even those mentally handicapped children. But all children are children, each child is equal. For all of the children should try to find their way. Regardless of whether the child gifted, ultimate success largely depends on his education on the growth path, only to find their child's learning, to benefit the children.
Maybe one day, most children are able to "according to", "their" time, gifted and talented education would not have been so extraordinary in others ' eyes