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Early learning teaching tutors

Su: "mother education", which not only refers to the education of children of parents, but also for teaching. We have created some "home teaching theory" point is that evoke children's knowledge and interest in books; and purposeful combination of mental games; the spirit of constantly keeping children with their parents.
In front of the children who enter first grade, parents should cooperate with the child in the kindergarten learning, teaching of reading literacy and numeracy. Early childhood education is an artistic knowledge, but each of the concerned parents, is the ability to do this work. As a parent, to make the needs of children from the children's thirst for knowledge, then the best way is to call up his knowledge and keen interest in books.
Reading Math tutoring for children literacy and picture together. "Only when literacy for children into a vivid, exciting life, filled with vivid images, sounds, Melody time, teaching process to be easier to read and write, to remind children that things must be interesting stuff. "
So, children in learning read and write and learning arithmetic of when, is cannot repeat a boring of, boring of work, you side interesting of material should is many of, if you no found, that on created's, Beijing mathematician taught think let you of children in into a grade Shi on has can simple reading and arithmetic has, in learning of early on can understand to learning of fun to a students turned excellent, Michael good he life of first step.

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