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Biology master rules

Master the law. Contact law is inherent in the nature of things. Biology has its own rules, as adapted to the structure and function of, local and global unity, bio-compatible with the environment, and from simple to complex, from low to high, from aquatic to terrestrial evolution. Master these law will helps biological knowledge of understanding and using, as learning mitochondrial on should caught structure and function phase adapted: ① outside has double film, will its and around cell separate, makes has oxygen breathing concentrated in must regional within for; II within film to within folding into Crest, expanded has area, conducive to base grain, and enzyme in its Shang has law to arrangement, makes the step reaction methodical to for; ③ within film surrounding into of cavity within has matrix, and enzyme; II base grain, and matrix, and within film Shang of enzyme for has oxygen breathing most reaction by needed, Mitochondria are the main venue for aerobic respiration. Easier to understand and remember their structure and function.
Studying biology, like other disciplines, it should follow the recognizable law and law of activity. As people's awareness is from light to dark, from less to more, build up step by step. So learning should not be so anxious, in place. Such as meiosis and began to just imagine two split start/end, acts, major changes in the number of chromosomes, rather than on a new class of chromosomes, chromosomes, chromatids, and DNA number, relationship with the three laws of heredity, and figure out together with the image differences in the mitosis phases. The latter slowly mastered only in practice and review.