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Improve the efficiency of learning methods

Improve the efficiency of learning is an important means of learning by heart. The learning process should be the brain thinking process, either with eyes to see, read, or copying by hand, are tools as an auxiliary brain, the real key is to head to think. Remember the words, for example, if you are just browsing or copying aimlessly, may take many times to remember, and easy to remember, and if you can give full play to one's imagination, using the method of associative memory can often be recalled soon, and it is not easy to forget. Many books introduce the method of memorizing English words fast, is also emphasized the role of think Lenovo. Obviously, if we can focus and play the potentials of the brain, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of learning.
Another important factor affecting the efficiency of learning is a human emotion. Everyone may have had such an experience, if one day, my full of energy and emotions ran high, learn something, it will be very easy, quickly, in fact, that's exactly what we learn when the efficiency is higher. Therefore, keep emotions well is very important. Students on a daily basis, there should be more cheerful State of mind, not to think about the bad things, and at a warm up around the optimistic attitude towards life of people and things, because it is good for others or for yourself is. This can create a very relaxed atmosphere around their learning up and feel more energetic.