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One synchronous tutoring

★ teachers power--Tianjin thought sharp tutor, teachers power strong, hired Tianjin City focus middle school on-the-job teachers, district research member, young backbone teachers one-on-one taught, for each students different of based level, and capacity level, and examination level, seriously analysis, then developed for students features of teaching method and teaching plans, guarantee has each students in learning of when, can has a reasonable science of meet students actual of learning mode, to makes each Hall courses are established in has students actual of capacity Shang, connecting And improve step by step! Is inconsistent with actual student avoided the kind of "book" style of teaching!
★ Teaching--a solid foundation, explains the test centers, difficult break, training in problem-solving skills, and cultivate the ability to extrapolate, truly effective fundamental improvement of undergraduate comprehensive ability for the children!
★ Teaching philosophy--focusing on students ' actual level, focus on improving students ' learning efficiency, focus on improving students ' test scores
★ Effective core purpose-made courses, students have harvested, score, cocoa, a core objective of
Elementary school: Math     language      English         wasu     competition coaching     Cambridge     new
Junior high school: Math     language      English     physical    chemical    tests
High school: Math     language   English     physical   chemical    bio        politics     history    Sprint coaching
Primary, secondary and high school writing professional counselling
More than one on one lessons parents can sign up at any time, contact center staff in advance, booking teacher teaching time.

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