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Full-time counselling

  SI Rui full-time tutoring-one-on-one mentoring, Tianjin. Launched in 2005, so far, been 4 years summed up a reasonable and effective management mode, the effect is remarkable, has won wide acclaim from students and parents, has accumulated a wealth of experience.
  SI Rui full-time tutoring-one-on-one mentoring, Tianjin. The maximum time efficiency, targeted, strong faculty and strict management, the achievements of the high acceptance rate, so that students have achieved, and truly let parents and students ' dreams come true.
  Full managed since 2005 opened has, has has more than 400 over students in at the participate in learning, which has 160 name students is preparing for entrance of art class candidates, full-time one-on-one for students provides first-class of teaching counselling, class Hou also for students provides culture read answering, exam evaluation, for students provides perfect of late learning quality regulatory, real do let students open see effect, every day has progress, completely according to candidates itself reality tailored build learning plans, To improve students ' academic achievement as the ultimate goal.
  Students ' grades improve. Undergraduate key school acceptance rate of 91.2%, effective, results-oriented.
  1, full-time, college entrance examination in one Sprint coaching
  2, art student full time one-on-one
  3, full-time entrance 2 to 6 people in the Sprint class