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Independent recruitment training

Course characteristics:
For the purpose of educating, aim is not entitled to do.
Never out of the college entrance examination, because independent entrance exams and college entrance exam was close to itself.
Absolutely in accordance with their aptitude, students ' first, and then teaching according to students ' individual circumstances.
Short courses, high efficiency: there are taught Olympiad team and scorers on the gaokao, (one) teach them to
Rate is 10 times normal classroom teaching of teachers, saving valuable time for their children.
Teaching material: we can provide the true subject, the relevant counselling information of our team for the calendar year
Questions over the Orsay and calendar year summarizing the crystallization of the college entrance examination and the cultivation of students ' thinking.
Allows your child to diverge and rigorous method, written on top, let your children with flexible
And deep thinking, stand out in the interview, 30 minutes plus, absolute advantage.