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Primary school students after class hosting

Dear parents:
Holidays, leave their children at home do you?
Children from school nobody, you can feel at ease working?
Escrow by elders, children can you finish your homework? Can you develop bad habits?
Other people's children, holiday play and get a lot of new knowledge improves, do you worry about your child being pulled down?
John sea education centre managed classes can lift for your concerns, here is your best choice!
First, the object of recruiting: 1-6 grade of primary school, early high school.
Second, the registration time: anytime
Third, opening hours: winter vacation, summer vacation, and on weekdays after school students.
8:00-18:00 school, Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. (Day or half-day care another)
2, non-students after school holidays can be.
The idea of running
Based on the knowledge, and develop education, education, education. Instead of parents to do the monitoring work when good teachers do a FAQ, imparting new knowledge.
Professional counselors
I have a college education of teachers, all teachers ' colleges graduate, all have working experience, undergo a rigorous assessment when hired, but also professional pre-service training by the company, with a solid education in teaching basic skills and advanced hosting educational philosophy, we strive by instructor the teacher of patience, love, responsibility for the trust and a child of the parent's heart.
Job aid, consolidation of old knowledge, classical studies, history, stories, speeches, learning new knowledge, different grades of students in different courses, preparing different courses, or parents to create.
Basic management
Have a sound safety management systems; teacher reported to the parents kids to learn every day, life; establish student records, records of the students experiences.
The company's other business
Year round elementary school, middle school, high school enrolled one-to-one counselling in all disciplines